Youth beds


Youth beds

Over the years we have been able to see a huge change in the design and material of dining tables made for homes in Israel. If in the past we were used to seeing mostly thin dining tables, usually plain wood, then over the years the design has changed and the material from which the tables have changed. Thus, over the years, a dining table has become a reference product only to how it is used, and also to its design.

Before introducing a series of dining tables here that you can enjoy at home, we will briefly explain why this change has occurred to them. First, more and more people took the tables out of the kitchen and placed them in defined dining areas, corners between the kitchen and the living room, so the table took its own unique place and therefore it had to be important in its design. Secondly, the whole concept of home decor has been changed, upgraded and therefore dining tables have become an integral part of home decor, like any other piece of furniture. Three, supply in the field is growing, so we can now find tables that in the past we could not find, certainly not for ordinary, simple houses.

Models of

classic model dining tables that you can find at WOODY, Of course, is the model of a wooden table, it can be built of different types of wood, we use the best types of trees, these are heavy and massive tables, which create a respectable and pleasant feeling. This is a table for 6 or more diners, of course it can be opened in different forms.

Another model, which is also considered classic although its use is less than wooden tables, is glass tables. These are tables that are also used for large meals but also for hosting friends for coffee or anything else. These tables come in different shapes, unlike wooden tables that usually come in rectangular, glass tables can also come in a rounded way.

In recent years we can see more and more people buying marble tables. These are tables whose surfaces are made of natural marble while the legs are made of nickel or wood, it depends on the model. These tables are suitable for every home and especially for large and respectable houses. Of course, these are massive, massive tables with a presence, but they are also very unique in their appearance.

Alongside the above tables we can find folding tables, tables that are suitable for homes that host large meals in the yard or garden, as well as the interior of the house. In cases where a regular dining table cannot be accommodated or beside it.

At WOODY you can find all of the above tables in a variety of models and designs, made of the best materials. Each of our tables will be suitable for you to host with the help of friends and family.

At Woody you will find a huge selection of glass dining tables, marble dining tables, nickel dining tables, and wooden dining tables. The dining tables on our site have been carefully selected and meet our company’s high standards of quality and design