Children’s rooms and youth


Below you will find a catalog of children’s rooms and youths with a wide range of design styles to suit both the room’s structure, the child’s needs and character. Generally, the purpose of the parents when purchasing a new nursery is to combine the practical side, in order to have a comfortable and neat child, and the side of the design, so that the furniture will fit on one side of the child’s age and on the other it will fit into the room and the home’s design. To the delight of parents, they can find quality furniture that lasts for many years, meeting these demands of comfort and design.

How to choose a nursery

As mentioned, the two main elements are comfort and design, but next to them must also refer to the material from which the nursery is made. Our goal as parents who purchase a new nursery is to purchase a nursery that will last for several years, all without having to purchase new furniture every year. To do this, we must ensure that the furniture we purchase is made of strong, durable materials, such as solid wood, which can last for more than 10 years if necessary.

The age of the child and his favorite characteristics. We must take into account that a small child likes colors and designs different from those of teenage children. Therefore, we must take into account that the colors and designs that suit them will be different from those chosen for older children.

Combination of furniture in the design of the room. Here we have to address the question, in what colors the room is painted, what furniture and decor items it has, such as carpets, curtains, and more. The connection between the various items and furniture will create the final design of the room.

The size of the furniture, probably the bed should be adjusted to the child’s height, but we must consider the point which space it occupies in the room space together with the other furniture items, so that we can know what furniture we can buy and where to place it.

Apart from the question of design there is the question of the comfort and efficiency of the furniture, here we refer to how the child can use the furniture, among other things to store objects, toys and clothes. We need to look at these existing storage solutions in each piece of furniture, how convenient they are to use and how optimally they can serve the child.

Company WOODY offers you a variety of styles of rooms for children and youth in a variety of designs, colors and materials. WOODY children’s rooms last a long time and serve the child throughout their childhood and adolescence. You are welcome to contact us and get information on the rooms for sale.