Beds for children


Although we do not spend the day in the bedroom, it is still a very important room for us, so we also buy furniture that meets our needs and is designed as we like, so that we can enjoy it as much as possible.

Over the years, bedroom design has undergone a major change. If in the past it was customary to purchase bedrooms that filled every corner of the room, bedrooms that included beds with a wardrobe, small dressers on the side, dresser and wardrobe, it is nowadays customary to purchase bedrooms that are much more minimalist, assuming a bedroom should be more spacious .

Instead of a wardrobe, we build a wardrobe or purchase a wardrobe that stays out of the room. Regarding the dressers, we often prefer small bedside cabinets and nothing more.

But as mentioned, we can find a wide variety of bedroom design styles. From classic design styles to those looking for old-fashioned bedrooms, nevertheless, to modern bedrooms, which are considered more practical and comfortable. Modern bedrooms are made of both solid wood and other materials including precious metals. The rooms come in different colors, from light colors to dark colors, so the color of the furniture can be matched to the room. Ultimately, since bedroom furniture is an essential element in the design of the room, it must be adapted to the character in which we want to design the room as well as other items in it, such as doors, curtains, carpets, as well as the color we chose to paint the walls of the room.

Aside from the question of the design of the bedroom, one must also consider its question of functionality. Starting with the wardrobe and dresser structure and especially the storage solutions that exist in the furniture we are looking to buy. How effective the solutions are and allow us the correct and convenient storage of clothing, bedding or other items, and to the question of the functionality of the mattress that we seek to buy. We must address not only the size of the mattress and its thickness, but also the questions about how comfortable it is for prolonged lying, how healthy it is for the back, and how long it lasts.

The question of durability of furniture is a basic question and we must address it immediately when choosing a bedroom we want to buy. Since we have no intention of replacing a bedroom each year, we need to choose durable and sturdy furniture that will last at least 10 years if not longer.

With us at WOODYYou will find a variety of bedrooms in different styles. Enjoy unique designs that can match what you are looking for, combined with unique and ideal materials that can last a long time and serve you faithfully.