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Bar chair with stainless steel backrest model BC101

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Backrest bar chair model BC104

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Bar chair model BC103

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Bar chair model BC102A

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Would you like to give your friends the feel of a bar when you host them at home? Would you like to have the feeling that you are sitting in your own cafe every time you sit down for morning or afternoon coffee? You don’t need much for that, some good music in the background, a quality coffee machine, and bar chairs at the kitchen counter.

Over the years, bar stools have become very common for home use along with various business uses. More and more people are buying such chairs and using them for diverse needs. Most often the use of bar stools is done in homes where there is a counter (island) in the kitchen or high tables for accommodation, inside and outside the home.

Apart from home use there are a number of other common bar stools, we can find them in every restaurant, pub, cafe, both for sitting at the bar and at the tables, we can find bar stools in halls and banquets (in the reception area) In clubs and discos, bar chairs are also often used as chairs in waiting areas in various offices. Their unique design, as will be seen immediately, makes them an item that has both practical use and also contributes its part in terms of design. Bar stool

models that we can use at home and in the business

Before introducing a series of common models and their benefits here, we will briefly explain what a bar stool is and what sets it apart from regular chairs. A bar stool is a high chair, which sometimes comes without a backrest but with space to place your feet comfortably (since most people do not reach the floor when sitting on the chair). The chair is at the height of the bar, allowing for comfortable seating beside it.

The most common model of bar stools are wooden chairs which have no backrest. This is a classic model of bar stools that we can find in quite a few pubs, especially pubs with old aromas. Next to them are other common bar stools, such as bar stools that are connected to the floor and sometimes to each other, with a padded seat and a small backrest for the lower back. These are chairs found in more modern pubs and in various cafes.

Today you will find a variety of designs of bar stools, such as metal upholstered chairs, stainless steel chairs with a short backrest, chairs with a long backrest throughout. All of the above examples are modern design examples which come in different colors. The chairs can be used for both home and business use. We can find the variety of designs we have presented here in modern cafes and pubs, their benefits, these are very comfortable chairs for extended sitting The padded and backrest seat, as well as are very elegant and beautiful and adds to the design of the place.

An example of a company providing such chairs is WOODY , which offers its clients a variety of bar stools that can serve them faithfully for a long period of time for both home and business use. The company offers different types of spectacular chairs and is very comfortable for sitting.

For years now, the bar and counter have become an integral part of Israeli cuisine. The bar stools are a designer item for everything, they can be made of hard plastic that gives a colorful and vivid look, and on the other hand they can be made of high quality stainless steel with a quality leather-like combination that will give a modern, clean and upscale look.